World Linux Day 2014

The World-Linux-Day takes place on Saturday, 23rd August 2014.
The Andorra Linux Group will meet at Llum d’Oli (best Tapas of Andorra) at 12 noon.
At 1pm a rich choice Tapas will be served (optional).

The Linux-Get-Together is for everyone who is interested in Linux independent if you are new to or familiar with Linux. We answer questions and provide the experience of the most popular flavour of Linux: LinuxMint 17!
If you like it, we’ll install it next to your windows.
Questions about the smartphone operating system Android (which runs on a Linux kernel) are welcome.

Further Questions: linux ( a ) andorra. ad …
Please leave an email or a comment underneath this Text if you like the idea to come.

Llum d’Oli (spoken like iumm doli ), Arinsal:

How to find Llum d'Oli
How to find Llum d’Oli

Second Map:

How to find Llum D'Oli
How to find Llum D’Oli

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