Yaketi Yak: Ubuntu 16.10 Release Party next Saturday

The Catalan Ubuntu 16.10 Release Party (Yaketi Yak) will take place Saturday, November 5th, between 10am and 6:30pm. This year it will be close to Andorra: Casal de joves “El Galliner”, Carrer de les Vinyes 6, Ripoll (map).

The agenda contains – besides a LAN Party – two main parts: Continue reading Yaketi Yak: Ubuntu 16.10 Release Party next Saturday

Summary of the First FLOSS Talk in Andorra

On last Thursday, September the 22nd, the first FLOSS talk took place in Andorra. Six persons met to exchange ideas and opinions about how they like to arrange the next talks.

The most important points were:

  • It was agreed to meet at the 4th Thursday each month.
  • The goal is to share knowledge to each other about everything we can show.
  • Any subject about free/libre open source software (FLOSS) which anyone want to share will be welcome.
  • The language can be Catalan but other languages are also welcome, especially English, Spanish and French.
  • There will be a mailing list for planning the agenda and another one just for announcements.
  • Right now, as long as the place is sufficient, the venue of the talks will be at TECOB. Later, when more people take part, we will find a larger room.
  • After the talks, depending on the participants, we take a drink in a place around the square.

After we agreed on that points we had two short informal talks:

  • Use of online radio streams (find streams and listen to a relay).
  • Administration of DNS in big networks with PowerDNS Recursor.

We encourage you to visit the next FLOSS talks in Andorra at October 28th 2016, 6pm at TECOB.

If you want to stay informed subscribe to our mailing lists:

[(slightly shortened) translation by AdmAnd, original in Catalan, any corrections welcome(!)]

Andorra FLOSS Talks (Free/Libre/OpenSource)

Next Thursday the first meet up takes place to form a group of people interested in free/libre/open source systems. Everybody sharing these interests is invited to take part in all manners, like contributing talks, presenting projects or classes.

This initiative wants to create a group of people with interests in common and the spirit of sharing knowledge.

On the first meeting the participants introduce themselves, collect proposals for the next talks and other subjects they consider to be important.

In case of any questions contact the promoters of the group [talks at andfree.org].

Venue: TECOB. (Local de l’empresa)
C./Mossèn Enric Marfany, 3
AD500 – Andorra la Vella
(At the side of Plaça de les Arcades!)

Time: 6pm until 7:30pm.

[(shortened) translation by AdmAnd, original in Catalan]

Software Talk: LibreOffice Impress (alternative to PowerPoint)

Along our usual habits of installing Linux and chit-chat of what we learned about it in the last weeks this time have an LibreOffice Impress Talk.

The meeting is going to take place like usual on Mai 9th 2016 at 8pm like usual. Like every second Monday a month our venue is Billiard Joseff, Carrer Fener (map). Continue reading Software Talk: LibreOffice Impress (alternative to PowerPoint)